Automotive system consists of mechanical, hydraulic, software and hardware components that implements specific vehicle functions, and if there is fault in any part of the vehicle, there is tendency for that part to be malfunctioning and it may also affect other parts.

This why computer auto-diagnosis comes into play in detecting faults by providing extended information on the underlying cause of system failure. With computer auto-diagnosis, several kind of faults that occurred, what component(s) is/are responsible and what caused the fault will all be revealed by making use of Diagnostic tools and equipment which can also be connected with the internet in case there is information you are not cleared with. This extended information could be useful to technicians during servicing or at runtime to allow for more robust failure mitigation mechanism.

Our training covers the understanding of various automotive sensor, vehicle diagnostic sub-system, on-board diagnostic version two (OBD II) and the operation of various brand of diagnostic tools and equipment.

Entry Requirement: Previous knowledge of automobile is essential.

Certification: Certificate of Competence.

Course Content:

Course 1 - Health & Safety in Automotive Industry
Course 2 - Automotive Tools and Equipment
Course 3 - Organizational Skills and Workshop Management
Course 4 - Introduction to Computerized Diagnosis
Course 5 - Automotive Periodic Maintenance
Course 6 - Auto-Electrical Measurement
Course 7 - Automotive Engine Diagnosis
Course 8 - Automotive Sensors & ECM
Course 9 - Fuel Injection System (Petrol)