This course explains the principles behind automotive electrical systems (lighting system, communication system, comfort and safety system, and others), how they work, how to diagnose and repair faults, latest electrical measuring tools and scanner that can be used to troubleshoot and evaluate any electrical system, and guided principles to demonstrate how to fix specific problem.

Entry Requirement: Related experience is required.

Certification: Certificate of Competence.

Course Content:

Course 1 - Health & Safety in Automotive Industry
Course 2 - Automotive Tools and Equipment
Course 3 - Organizational Skills and Workshop Management
Course 4 - Introduction to Computerized Diagnosis
Course 5 - Automotive Periodic Maintenance
Course 6 - Auto-Electrical Measurement
Course 7 - Auto-Electrical Systems Diagnosis 1
Course 8 - Auto-Electrical System Diagnosis 2
Course 9 - Automotive Sensors & ECM