This course covers both petrol and diesel engine of both manual and automatic transmission. Training on the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), has to do with engine management system: that analyses how different parts come together to form the engine, their various functions to ensure optimum performance of the engine,and the action of Engine Control Unit (ECU), Actuators and Sensors. Trainees will also learn the use of diagnostic tools to diagnose engine and transmission faults in ensuring quality services and repairs.

Entry Requirement: Related practical experience is a must.

Certification: Certificate of Competence.

Course Content:

Course 1 - Health & Safety in Automotive Industry
Course 2 - Automotive Tools and Equipment
Course 3 - Organizational Skills and Workshop Management
Course 4 - Automotive Periodic Maintenance
Course 5 - Automotive Engine Diagnosis
Course 6 - Automotive Sensors & ECM
Course 7 - Automotive Engine Reconditioning
Course 8 - Fuel Injection System (Petrol)
Course 9 - Automotive Transmission System